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The Center for Career Development at the University of Connecticut is dedicated to excellence through offering the highest levels of service to our students across all schools, colleges, campuses, and disciplines. We support the intellectual growth of our students by providing programs and experiences that promote self-awareness and engagement as they identify a course of study and pursue opportunities to become contributing members of the state, national, and world communities. Through partnership with employers, alumni, faculty, and staff, we connect students to quality career development resources, internships, experiential learning, and post-graduate opportunities.

Program Coordinator

Robert (Bob) Volle
Email: robert.volle_jr@uconn.edu
Branford House Room 313

Career Consultant on campus Monday & Wednesday
9 am - 4 pm
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    With access to hundreds of informational interview questions through just a quick search of the Internet, it might seem like a great idea to simply choose a few and set up your meeting. After all, there are websites that claim …
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    The place to start this activity is to develop a list of individuals to interview by utilizing your own personal network.  That can include family, friends, supervisors, advisors, and/or mentors or, as a next best alternative, consider employers you have …
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    Managing your money is important. Students most often associate money management with creating a budget. However, the word “budget” can seem aversive and is often equated with enforcing restrictions on spending. Instead, you may want to consider making yourself a …